Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miles, Part 2

16.  Exercise for a total of 500 miles.

As you recall from the end of August, I really need to go 741 miles to metaphorically visit my friend Annelise in Chicago.  This month I added up a total of 64.8 miles of walking, running, and just a few on my bike!  I'm really excited about that total!  Including my previous totals, that puts me just 626.7 miles to go to get to Anneliese!  That also means that since the end of July I've clocked 114.3 miles of exercise - not including my crosstraining days!

So, on the map - I have made it out of Georgia and into Tennessee!  I've passed my friends in Rome (the Arringtons, the Cregos) and Dalton (the Kleems) and gave them metaphorical waves.  Now - can you picture it?! - I'm "resting" this month right in the bend of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga near Lookout Mountain, just before you head back into Georgia for a brief moment. 

I'm waving at my friend Connie right now as I metaphorically visit her in Chattanooga!

I'll be enjoying my time on the river until the end of October - when we see what stop I've made it to by Halloween!


  1. Wow Brandi, since I can't afford the time or money right now, I think I'll take a metaphorical trip somewhere. However, I think I'll fly instead of doing what you are doing.

  2. I just caught myself up on your blog- I love reading it! I owe you a list, don't I?

  3. Oh, and I have that "octobergirl" handle for when I want to be anonymous, but hey, you should know it's me, Cathy :)

  4. Marcia, that totally cracked me up! You might be on to something - why didn't I think of that? And Cathy, yes, I am waiting on your list... when is it coming, now that you are officially 39?