Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More updates!

More updates! 

6.                  Participate in a 5K/10K… and a 1/2 marathon.

The only race I participated in this summer was the Peachtree Road Race, the hottest 10K - literally and figuratively.  I had my slowest time ever, but hey, who is couting?  I hadn't been training and I was just glad to finish.  But now I'm aiming for a possible 2nd half marathon...  considering the Disney Princess Half in February next year.  Anyone else on board for that one?  In the meantime, I'm starting over with some basic training.  AND - I'm gearing up for my first 5K back on training - the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Run for Your Heart on 9/17.  http://www.choa.org/Support-Childrens/Events/Run-For-Your-Heart-Fun-Run  Please consider running with me, or making a donation in honor of my 40th birthday!

7.                  Lose 10—15 lbs.  Again. 

Who am I kidding?  I gained 15 pounds this year.  But, I'm back on track and hopefully whittling back down with my new training plan and kids going back to school in less than 2 weeks...!

8.                  Earn a bikini.

I wrote about this one before - and the more the summer has gone on, the more afraid I am.  There are very few people in the world who need to be wearing a bikini.  And, most of those are airbrushed.  After some of the near losses of swimsuits I saw at the beach and waterpark this summer, I am even more convinced.  There are too many great swimsuit options out there these days to be focused on an unnecessary bikini. 

9.                  Do something that really scares me.

Waterslides and roller coasters.  That has been a big thing for me - I hate both of them and I've tried out several this year, so hooray for me.  I also have had to deal with some pretty difficult things over the past year, so I feel I can really check this one off with gusto.

10.                  Go camping in our new tent.

Check!  Went camping with the Herdens back in June and had a blast.  Also LOVED our new tent, a gift from the Joys.  Really spacious and room for all four of us.  Next stop - I'd love to camp overnight at Stone Mountain.  Considering it sometime in the next few months or the upcoming year.

Lots more updates to come!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A whole lot of catching up to do!

I'm not kidding.  I have a lot of updates, so get ready.  First, as I find myself in month 11 of 13 going on 40, I feel the need to take a good hard look at my list and see where I am.  So, here we go.

1.                  WRITE. 

If anything in the last few months, I have stopped writing.  I think about writing - does that count for anything?  The reality is - it isn't going to happen in the next three weeks until school starts.  Maybe not even then. 

2.                  Help people who really need it.

I am almost to the point of reaching my goal for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  I was hoping to raise $1000 before my 40th birthday.  If you care to donate, you can follow this easy link:  http://www.kintera.org/siteapps/personalpage/ShowPage.aspx?c=7qLHK0MJLlI0F&b=6029541&sid=bpLIIUOEKkLJLMMtEoH  As of this moment, I am just $155 from making this goal.  Any amount would help!  Thanks for considering it.  I think CHOA is an amazing organization - one you never hope you need, but are so grateful for when you do need it. 
Also, as part of my continued commitment to CHOA, and as a way to help celebrate my birthday, I've invited my running/walking friends to join me for a "celebration" the week before my birthday.  I'm asking friends to sign up as my "team" for the Dunwoody Friends First Annual Run for your Heart.  http://www.choa.org/Support-Childrens/Events/Run-For-Your-Heart-Fun-Run  If I missed you on that invite, please plan to join me!!  Let me know if you want to come so I know who is on my "team" that day.  You can also "run" as a "phantom runner" if you just want to donate.  Please consider this great event!

3.                  Have a massage.
Thanks to my amazing Girl Scout families, my incredible co-leader Lizzie and I were given a gift card at the end of the school year to Jolie Day Spa.  Something seems to always be wrong with their website or I would post that, sorry.  Anyway, back in June I went for my favorite - a hot stone massage.  Thanks Brownie moms and dads!
Also, thanks to my amazing 5th grade committee that I chaired with my beautiful friend Justine this past year, we were both given a gift card to Natural Body Spa in Buckhead.  http://www.naturalbody.com/  I went the day after participating in the Peachtree Road Race (notice I said "participating" rather than "running").  They also ran a special that if you brought in your PTRR number you got 25% off!  So, I was able to stretch my gift card a bit, and I had a very rare mani/pedi too.  NBS is the best - love that place.  Thanks 5th Grade Committee!!  I loved every minute!

4.                  Go on a *big* trip to a place I’ve never gone.

John and I just got back from Boston and Salem, MA.  We have always wanted to go there!  It was really fun and I got to see a lot of sights.  Here is a photo or two!

It was a nice trip and we enjoyed seeing a new place that has long been on our must do/bucket list!

5.                  Take my kids out of town by myself.

As you might recall, I did this in October with our big Orlando trip.  Since then, we  haven't had any other big adventures without John, but I do feel accomplished on this one and can definitely check that one off!

Okay - look for more updates - coming soon!