Sunday, October 31, 2010

Short Time, Long Book

Okay, here I am on the last day of the month - (Happy Halloween!) - and realizing I have only  had 3 posts in October including this one.  It has been a CRAZY month, and I am really just considering tomorrow, 11/1, to be a New Month Celebration.  October has laid waste to my schedule and my mental well being.  I'm calling a start over tomorrow.  Time to take a deep breath and get a fresh start.

26.  Read 50 books or more. 

I also only got through one book this month.  It was a great book but very dense, and you just couldn't skim it.  So, a total of 11 down, 39 to go. 

11.  Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler  I actually just taught a Wisdom course on this book also, and it was really fun to go through this book with friends.  So, thank you Sarah, Nan, Martha, and Georgeann for sharing some of the experience with me.  I really do recommend this book - it has been a big bestseller in years past - and the DVD series that was shown on PBS is incredible if the book is intimidating or you want some additional sources.  He also has a photography book based on the series - and it is totally worth getting.  I rarely get multiple copies of the same vein of books, but there is so much to unpack here I really suggest considering it!

I have some miles to post for the month, and I also have a 5K run to tell you about.  I'll blog again in the next day or two to get caught up on the month end stuff and about moving forward with a new start in November.

Friday, October 22, 2010


29.  Have a physical. 

Okay, so weeks ago I had bitten the proverbial bullet and planned to have a physical.  Here's the update - I cancelled in September and rescheduled elsewhere and couldn't get in until November.  Something came up with my daughter and I needed to reschedule the November appointment - still a few weeks away.  But - they didn't have another opening until January.  January?  Really?  I questioned that physicals take two months to schedule, and the short story is the attendant hung up on me.  So... I went back to Dr. #1 and got in a day earlier than I had planned to in November!  Which I am now following up immediately with a dental cleaning, which is followed up immediately with a dermatological facial (not nearly as fun as it sounds) - and to top off the end of the day, an orthodontist appointment for my daughter.  Yes, all 4 appointments will be in one day.  Might as well knock it all out at once and get all the dread over with in one swoop!

Wish me luck.  And health. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


5.                  Take my kids out of town by myself.

This morning I definitely have a fun-over.  I just returned yesterday from a 4 night romp with my kids in Orlando.  We had the most amazing time, but we are pretty much knee walking this morning.  Who knew fun could be so exhausting?

I learned a lot in being the "single parent" on a big trip.  There is no time off.  You are ON 24-7.  And believe me, we were ON.  We opened every park we went to and we closed a few down.  We ran it HARD.  I never felt overwhelmed (much because of the ages of my kids) - but I did appreciate the way it feels to have another adult to share duties with.  Right now as I type this is the first time I have been alone in days.

But - and this is a huge kudos to my kids - they were amazing.  Before we left I just laid down the rule that I would be the only parent, and so they would have to chose before we even left home to be flexible.  They were.  Except for just being worn out, no one was even grumpy.  I know you'll think I'm making this up, but honestly I heard very few complaints (mostly about the melting heat, and I felt the same) and get ready for this - I heard A LOT of THANK YOUs!!  I have to say, for your kids to give unprompted and heart felt thanks is a wonderful thing.  I really, really enjoyed their company. 

There is really a ton I could say about this time away.  But for now, I'll just say I'm glad I did it.  I'm grateful we COULD do it.  I'll always remember and cherish this time! 

And now, I'll go nurse my fun-over.