Friday, October 22, 2010


29.  Have a physical. 

Okay, so weeks ago I had bitten the proverbial bullet and planned to have a physical.  Here's the update - I cancelled in September and rescheduled elsewhere and couldn't get in until November.  Something came up with my daughter and I needed to reschedule the November appointment - still a few weeks away.  But - they didn't have another opening until January.  January?  Really?  I questioned that physicals take two months to schedule, and the short story is the attendant hung up on me.  So... I went back to Dr. #1 and got in a day earlier than I had planned to in November!  Which I am now following up immediately with a dental cleaning, which is followed up immediately with a dermatological facial (not nearly as fun as it sounds) - and to top off the end of the day, an orthodontist appointment for my daughter.  Yes, all 4 appointments will be in one day.  Might as well knock it all out at once and get all the dread over with in one swoop!

Wish me luck.  And health. 

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