Thursday, July 14, 2011

A whole lot of catching up to do!

I'm not kidding.  I have a lot of updates, so get ready.  First, as I find myself in month 11 of 13 going on 40, I feel the need to take a good hard look at my list and see where I am.  So, here we go.

1.                  WRITE. 

If anything in the last few months, I have stopped writing.  I think about writing - does that count for anything?  The reality is - it isn't going to happen in the next three weeks until school starts.  Maybe not even then. 

2.                  Help people who really need it.

I am almost to the point of reaching my goal for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  I was hoping to raise $1000 before my 40th birthday.  If you care to donate, you can follow this easy link:  As of this moment, I am just $155 from making this goal.  Any amount would help!  Thanks for considering it.  I think CHOA is an amazing organization - one you never hope you need, but are so grateful for when you do need it. 
Also, as part of my continued commitment to CHOA, and as a way to help celebrate my birthday, I've invited my running/walking friends to join me for a "celebration" the week before my birthday.  I'm asking friends to sign up as my "team" for the Dunwoody Friends First Annual Run for your Heart.  If I missed you on that invite, please plan to join me!!  Let me know if you want to come so I know who is on my "team" that day.  You can also "run" as a "phantom runner" if you just want to donate.  Please consider this great event!

3.                  Have a massage.
Thanks to my amazing Girl Scout families, my incredible co-leader Lizzie and I were given a gift card at the end of the school year to Jolie Day Spa.  Something seems to always be wrong with their website or I would post that, sorry.  Anyway, back in June I went for my favorite - a hot stone massage.  Thanks Brownie moms and dads!
Also, thanks to my amazing 5th grade committee that I chaired with my beautiful friend Justine this past year, we were both given a gift card to Natural Body Spa in Buckhead.  I went the day after participating in the Peachtree Road Race (notice I said "participating" rather than "running").  They also ran a special that if you brought in your PTRR number you got 25% off!  So, I was able to stretch my gift card a bit, and I had a very rare mani/pedi too.  NBS is the best - love that place.  Thanks 5th Grade Committee!!  I loved every minute!

4.                  Go on a *big* trip to a place I’ve never gone.

John and I just got back from Boston and Salem, MA.  We have always wanted to go there!  It was really fun and I got to see a lot of sights.  Here is a photo or two!

It was a nice trip and we enjoyed seeing a new place that has long been on our must do/bucket list!

5.                  Take my kids out of town by myself.

As you might recall, I did this in October with our big Orlando trip.  Since then, we  haven't had any other big adventures without John, but I do feel accomplished on this one and can definitely check that one off!

Okay - look for more updates - coming soon!


  1. I've found that I need non-writing time (including times when I swear I'll never write again) to feed my writing. You need to live to have something to write about and sitting at the computer isn't really living a life that needs describing.

  2. Marcia - I LOVE your post here. I have so much I want to write but I'm feeling a huge internal resistance right now. Might be the summer? Thanks for the encouragement. Brandi