Sunday, June 26, 2011


10.                  Go camping in our new tent.

We had the best weekend!  We went camping with our friends the Herdens at Amicalola Falls in North Ga.  Thanks to the Joys, we received a new tent like two Christmases ago, a bigger tent that we have really wanted to try.  But, when we have gone camping and needed a tent in the time since, it has been a combination that just needed our smaller tent.  So, this was one of my goals this year, to go camping and use that great new tent! 

I am attaching a picture below.  It is not very flattering of me, as I am too close to the camera and look like The Attack of the Giant Woman woman, but it was still a very fun moment and a great memory.  We enjoyed walking/hiking/climbing the area around the falls, then went tubing in Blue Ridge.  It was really a fun time and Jen said we needed to make it an annual tradition.  The best part was just sitting around the fire eating hot dogs and s'mores and having fun with everyone.

Also, happy 17th anniversary to Jen and Ralph!  Who knew that they'd be spending that special day with 5 kids and 2 extra grownups on a campout?  Glad they chose to share that time with us!  Thanks for a great weekend!

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