Wednesday, September 22, 2010


That is my goal right now - to be a LOSER!

That is because I'm working on

7.  Lose 10-15 pounds.  Again.

I've been writing more about successes than failures for obvious reasons and human nature.  But, I believe that it is really more interesting to read failures, so here's some ways I'm failing.  I'm not making good eating choices, and I'm already hesitating at writing that, because that isn't completely true!  Maybe I should say I should be making *better* eating choices.  In general, I actually do pretty well - I love fruits and veggies.  I also love carbs.  And chocolate.  Not candy, so much, but thick, rich chocolate.  YUM!  I have no other real vices, and maybe I need some.  But I crave, crave chocolate.  Milk, dark, whatever.  I think of it when I'm not with it.

Now, don't get me wrong.  You won't find me sprawled out like Comte de Reynaud in the shop window at the end of Chocolat.  (But I have thought about it.) 

This week I was telling my kids - the three of us are all crazy nerdy over Harry Potter - that I was feeling a little depressed like I was fighting off a dementor or two.  Taylor instantly responded, "Mom, you need some chocolate!"  You get it if you have read those books.  True in Harry Potter, true in my life too.  Way to go, Taylor!

I think this eating stuff also taps into

12.  Enjoy what I eat.

I get mad and confused about all the different information out there on how to best lose weight.  Less carbs, more protein. Less protein, more veggies.  Sleep more.  Sleep less.  Exercise more.  Rest between exercise.  Eat this, but not that.  I get so confused about my health that there are times I just want to throw my hands in the air.

Clark Howard recently reported the obvious - fad diets don't work - their only real success is in how quickly they drain your wallet!  The point Howard made was that while there are some good programs out there that have shown some success, the bottom line is exercise more, eat less.  That is the key, however you do it.

Kelly Osborne was quoted in People magazine this past week with this:
"Everyone keeps saying to me, 'What's your secret?'  The secret is there is no damn secret!  Eat healthy, work out.  That's it."

Last year before my surgery I had lost a good bit of weight, and I know this all to be true.  I told someone when they asked me how I did it that the answer was "every choice I made."  This particular friend asked me if that was the title of a book.

Ironic, isn't it?

So, I need to get back to basics.  I'm in a good place and don't have much to lose.  I just need to battle my dementors with something other than chocolate.  :)

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