Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting off the sofa

6. Participate in a 5K/10K… and a 1/2 marathon.

Last May I decided I would set a goal for myself to run in a 5K.  This sounded like an enormous challenge, and it was.  I had never been a runner.  It wasn't like I just needed to get my groove back from high school or college.  This had never been part of my past.  And I don't like to run.  So, motivating both body and mind were an enormous challenge, like I said! 

When I was in college, I took a Fitness for Life course and when I got the initial results back, the guy who was evaluating my chart said, "Brandi, you have the body of an endurance athlete... and the insides of a slug."  That is a quote I never forgot!

So, post college some years now - I decided to pursue my first run.  Here is what I learned:  SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.  I started training slowly.  I used this plan, Couch to 5K - http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml.  But I was so out of shape that I still found this really, really challenging.  So, I had to add in more days with variation on the plan.  I had to stick to a little something every day, every day, every day.  Otherwise, it was too easy to make excuses.

Fast forward - I ran a race, another race, another race.  Then I had major abdominal surgery last year, and still don't feel quite the same as before.  But I've started slowly, slowly back.  SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.  I'm training not for speed but for endurance. 

West Stride is a great store near me that really helped me by offering training programs and helping me get good shoes and avoid injury - I'd buy toilet paper from them if they sold it there, because they are just so very nice.  http://www.weststride.com/  If you are considering starting a program, do go visit the very nice people at West Stride.  They couldn't be more encouraging to beginners!

So, this year, I'm gearing back up.  I walked/jogged (with the emphasis on walking) the Labor Day Classic 10K yesterday http://www.us10k.org/.  It was a fun race, perfect weather, and a good experience.  They are already registering for next year, so why not set that as a personal goal?  Not into running?  Walk it!  There are a lot of walkers in this race and it would be a good one to shoot for with plenty of advance timing to prepare. 

This Saturday, I'll be participating in a 5K run.  It is really my first one in my training program for that 1/2 Marathon I have a goal to do in March.  The run this Saturday is the Vinings Downhill 5K http://www.viningsdownhill5k.com/.  It is supposed to be a great race and I'm looking forward to it.  If you want to join me for this race, or set a similar goal for a future date, let me know.  I'd LOVE to have friends join me on this part of my 13x40!  Friends make it a lot more fun!

As a side note, and a shout out to my friend Alison, here is another 5K for this weekend, the Hot Lips Hustle.  http://www.hotlipshustle5k.com/  I was already committed to the Vinings run when I heard about this one, but it is for a GREAT cause.  Think about supporting this special event!


  1. Brandi, you are amazing. I don't see how you get so many things done - and you are cheerful while doing the balancing act and your kids are happy and healthy and smart.

  2. Marcia, I couldn't have asked for a nicer comment. Thank you so much - now I know I have at least one person fooled! :)

  3. Didn't know you had this blog. We haven't had time to talk about me starting C25K about 4 weeks ago! I could have written this post Brandi (except I haven't run anything yet-ha!). I hate running but now I it's a personal challenge to run a 5K before I turn 45!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a few years on you. Glad to hear about adding days. I feel I have needed to do the same thing. Way to go!!! I want to join you in a race as soon as I can at least run ONE mile! Way to go Brandi-you're amazing!

  4. Michele - I'm so proud for you! I only started running last year. We need to talk! You go girl!