Thursday, September 9, 2010


18. Explore cooking. Then, throw a dinner party.

So, I tried a new recipe last night.  I really like Pasta Primavera, so I found a recipe in Southern Living and thought, "sure, why not?"  It had A LOT of ingredients, which normally is off-putting for me, but I was determined.  Hey, this job is on my list, so I'm trying it!

Let me say first that I cook a lot - I just cook pretty easy meals.  So, my focus with #18 is to branch out a bit, try my hand at something more intense in the kitchen.  We'll see where it goes.

Well, the quick end of a long story is that my Pasta Primavera was very disgusting.  I followed the directions carefully, but it just was like nastiness at the end.  I did try it, as did my kids - but major yuck.  Somehow John decided it was really good - I should definitely share that part - and he ate a whole bowl.  I'm glad he enjoyed it last night, because I won't be making it again.  Eeew.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to tell you what the rest of us ate at that point, but suffice to say we all made our own dinner.  That alone I think was motivation for John to eat what I'd made (my restauranteur husband was tired of the kitchen when he got home).  Bailey thrilled herself by making parmesan cheese toast all by herself, Taylor was very delighted that he could have a bowl of cereal, and I ate a string cheese and some cold pepperoni.  I think we all ended up having one of the yeast rolls I had warmed up.  So, we all got a little turn in the kitch last night.  It just wasn't what was planned.

If you've got a recipe that you recommend I attempt this year, do send it my way! 

Oh well.  Back to the drawing board.  Or, in this case, the grocery store.  Off to Publix and Trader Joe's! 


  1. just have a salt stick and a diet coke next time. :)

  2. Brandi, the one time I tried a recipe from Southern Living it turned out horrible too. I finally decided to stick with dinner I could nuke.

  3. We find our best recipes in Cooks Illustrated. They are challenging and a bit time consuming, but we haven't found a "horrible" one yet. Plus, we get all the tips on the best ingredients and cookware.