Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting close!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  September has begun, which means the clock is ticking pretty quickly to my birthday on the 24th.  I've gone from 13 months when this blog started to just 22 days left.  Wow.  Time for a few more updates.

21.                  Say YES.  But only to what is right to say YES to…

I have done really well with this over the past year - and, I have to say, there have been some pretty big things to say NO to, which has been a struggle.  I'm proud of the decisions I've made.  No regrets yet.  And, after a very busy year last year of volunteering, I've cut back dramatically and appropriately this year.  With children now in two different schools again, it was necessary.  Good efforts here. Check!

22.                  Make a regular practice of prayer and meditation.

I have had several great resources this year that I have used - although not regularly.  One of my favorites has been the latest book by Jan L. Richardson called Sanctuary of Women.  I bet I have bought 10 copies of it to share with friends.  If you don't know about Jan or her work yet, you must check out her website:  She is one of my favorite spiritual writers.

I must admit that prayer and meditation are not my strongest gifts, so this area continues to be a work in progress.  And, perhaps, that is the way it is meant to be throughout your life.

23.                  Stop using bad language. 

Damn it – I forgot about this one!

24.                  Drive with full attention.

I think we all have moments where we catch ourselves not fully engaged, but driving needs to *not* be one of those places.  Having this as a goal this year has reached into my reminder mode when I catch myself zoning.  It is easy to get on auto-pilot - which is a scary realization of how many OTHER people ARE on auto-pilot while I am out driving, running, walking with my family... Makes me hyper-sensitive these days!

25.                  Spend time with people I love.

What a beautiful year of opportunities to spend time with people I love!  I could recount so many great times over the past year, new friendships, and fun with my family.  Hooray for all those gifts!

Thanks to Sarah and Temple, who last October (during a particularly tender conversation) gave me "permission" to stop playing life hostess.  My efforts at focusing on *some* friendships, in particular those who were not being returned, had become very taxing.  While letting some of these efforts go has caused me to also stay less regular even with other relationships, it has also been freeing.  I'm grateful for that conversation last year.  It has allowed me time to spend with other people who WANT to spend time with me, and has helped me see more clearly where I was wrongly investing.  Thanks Temple and Sarah - you are two people I definitely DO want to see.

More updates coming soon...


  1. Damn it! That made me laugh out loud in the middle of a crowded hotel...The ensuing looks from the other guests didn't bother me :)

  2. Amy - so glad that made someone else laugh besides me. ;) I really did forget about it, so ironic, no? :)