Friday, August 12, 2011

Feet on Concrete

16.                  Exercise for a total of 500 miles.

Okay, I haven't updated this since March!  In April I went 35.5 miles.  In May, I put in only about 20.  In June, I averaged right at 30.  In July, I put in 41.  So, in the last four months when I haven't logged, I gained 126.5 miles!  Which puts me roughly at Columbus, Indiana.  Indianapolis, here I come!  That puts me at a grand total of 484.9 miles - I'm almost to my 500 mile goal!!  That still leaves me with 256.1 to go to Anneliese in Chicago, and it will likely take me past my birthday, but I'm going to make it!  Just bought some new shoes from West Stride, and for the first time ever, I can document that my shoes have taken me an awfully long way. 

17.                  Forgive someone… and then move on.

Check.  Got that one covered.  Moving on. 

18.                  Explore cooking.  Then, throw a dinner party.

I've tried a lot of yummy new recipes lately, and had pretty good luck.  The most recent was borrowed from my friend Melissa - Bailey spent the night with Melissa's daughter and they made Chicken Divan.  Bailey couldn't stop raving about it so Melissa was kind enough to share.  She helped me cook and we had fun serving the family.  Yum! 

We threw a dinner party recently, but it was burgers.  Does that count?  I never said it had to be fancy, right?  :)  Love having friends over.

19.                  Do something incredibly romantic.

Coming up this weekend!  I got tickets for John's 40th birthday to go see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Verizon Amphitheatre.  I set up a romantic dinner basket for us, and got our friend Hannah set up to kid-sit for us.  We're all set up for a fun night out tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it!   

20.                  Get all my photo albums caught up.

Can you hear me laughing?  This is just bigger than I have had a chunk of time for, but I haven't given up yet.  I'm holding out hope that I can get to this - I do want to do it and it would be a huge organizational hoorah! 

More to come. 

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