Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Steady as She Goes...

11.                  Paint a canvas.  Draw and frame a picture.

12.                  Enjoy what I eat.

13.                  Go to a few movies all by myself.

14.                  Listen to my children.

15.                  Date my husband.

All five of these things I have done.  And then I have not done.  You've already seen my not so fancy painting in a previous post; but I haven't yet taken time to draw again.  I have savored many meals; and also slammed down many others with no consciousness.  I have gone to one movie alone - Morning Glory.  LOVED it and tried several more times - but ended up with friends, which of course turns out to be even more enjoyable.  I've sat patiently and listened to my kids; but other times I've muttered lots of "mmms" and "oh reallys."  I've dated my husband, and we've had some fun outings; but they have been more chance or scheduled by demand than enjoyed and softly planned.  In other words - "Here is somewhere we have to go, wanna get a sitter and go together?" rather than, "Hey, good looking, what are you up to Friday night?"  I'm not sure there is much of an alternative right now, where we find ourselves in life, but I'm still trying.

So many good things going on.  Kids are back in school now, we're back to some sort of developing schedule, and the clock is tick tocking toward Sept. 24.  More updates to come - steady as she goes!

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