Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last days of 39 -

Just a few more days of 39 to go!  Here is the final list update, and then I have a few more things to write about around my birthday. 

31.                  Ride a roller coaster.

Okay, I have ridden some roller coasters this year.  The biggest ones for me were on the October trip to Disney with Taylor.  I hate them, but I rode some good ones that didn't make me want to cry, and that was a big step forward I think.  I have to admit even feeling a little embarrassed when riding Space Mountain, at how beneath all the terror I actually *might* have even liked it.  A little bit.  Only a little bit.  When I was 13 and rode with my sister I cried getting on it and off of it, so I think I've made strides since then.  I'll leave it at that. 

But one of the main reasons I really wanted to ride a coaster this year was to get a photo of me doing so.  I love this song by David Wilcox and have long hoped to have a picture to represent it and my birthday.  Maybe we'll get there in the next few months, where John and I are actually together and he can get the photo I'm wanting.  I don't completely trust anyone else with a camera on a coaster!  :)  Anyway, here are the David Wilcox lyrics I love - the song is called "Top of the Roller Coaster."  Pretend it says "40" not "30." 

Say good-bye to your twenties
Tomorrow is the "Big 3-0"
For my birthday present
I've got a place where we can go
It's a lesson in motion
To ride the wildest ride
We're gonna climb to the top of the roller coaster
And look down the other side

So let me ride in the front car
And you ride right behind
And I'll click my snapshot camera
At exactly the right time
Shoot back over my shoulder
Catch the fear no one can hide
When we tip the top of the roller coaster
And look down the other side
Over the hill

So when the prints come back
We can look at that unmistakable birthday fear
Like your younger days are over now
And its all down hill from here

It was a happy birthday
You surprised us all
So take a look at this glossy picture
I framed it for your wall
It's the moment of truth
It's the top of your youth
The camera don't lie
You might be screaming
But there's a meaning
In the laughter in your eyes
It seems to be saying
"Of coarse there will be fear"
But this is why we stand in line
Spend that time
Make that climb
To finally feel the other side
And it's all down hill from here

We're gonna climb to the top of the roller coaster
And look down the other side

32.                  Ask for letters.  Write some letters.

I didn't fully explore this as I was hoping to do - but I will continue to be conscious of letting people know I love them in writing - I don't do it near enough.

33.                  Be content. 

Every day this is something to keep in perspective.  Perspective - that is a very, very big word with me.  I find that I need a fresh one very often.  Being content and being thankful go hand in hand for me.  When I start to feel resentful - I know I need a big dose of perspective. 

34.                  Plan a big 40th celebration!

After basically a year and a half of thinking I was going to come up with some enormous not to be missed event - I think I failed.  I have a couple of small things going on, though, and turns out that is probably just what I wanted in the first place.  A few things are a little further out on the horizon, but I am really looking forward to spending time with friends and family over the next week or so.  I have plans to hike Stone Mt. with Larry my best college friend.  I have dinner plans with my family.  I have a tea with my mom, aunt, sister, nieces, and kiddos.  I have a painting party with a few close friends.  Some other close friends are taking me for a surprise luncheon.  How blessed am I?  So, while there is no killer event planned after all, there is more than enough of happy to go around for me.  I'm so grateful, and very excited about my big day!

35.                  Stop interrupting.

This may not be possible.  But I'll keep trying.

36.                  Be grateful every day.

See #33.  :)

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