Monday, May 2, 2011


11.                  Paint a canvas.  Draw and frame a picture.

I must admit, I bought the supplies for this many months ago, and they have sat in the floor of my office.  But a week or two ago, Bailey and I sat down and she shared some painting time with me.  She took one of the two canvases and we had a really great hour or so together just free painting.  I didn't do anything too artistic or involved, but, I also accomplished this one:

14.                  Listen to my children.

Bailey is a very good artist, and she has learned a lot under the instruction of The Art Chicks, Holly and Lannie.  As we painted, Bailey taught me some of the tips she has learned from Holly and Lannie.  Turns out my daughter has really been listening!  She taught me about wet paint and cleaning brushes, how to use a hairdryer as a painting tool, and about a hundred other things.  She was beaming as she shared her art skills.  We had a blast, and I learned a lot myself!

Neither of us did our best work, but we had a great time and enjoyed playing around.  Here they are!  Can you guess whose is whose?  ;) 

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