Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Unagreeable Fish

18.                  Explore cooking.  Then, throw a dinner party.

OMG, thank goodness no one came for a dinner party a few weeks ago when I tried to make fish.  I've had some successful runs with fish in the last year, despite the fact that I don't really care for it.  But - my kids love it, especially Taylor, so I'm trying.  (Thanks "alot" WinShape Camps http://www.winshape.org/camps/welcome/#/welcome/ - while some kids whine about camp food, my kids want me to duplicate it!)

Here's what happened.  I tried to make a real trout.  And by real, I do not mean the fancy boneless kind the man at Publix wraps in paper for me.  I do mean the kind that comes with its head chopped off and its tail woefully left behind.  I called my dad, a former butcher, for advice.  He gave me some tips, particularly that it was okay to hack off that tail if it was bothering me.  So, after rinsing the trout thoroughly - YUCK, I'll just leave it at that - I decided I just could not take looking at the tail.  I decided to take steps to remove it, at which point, all I can tell you is my rinsing was obviously not complete enough.  And then the dry heaves began.  I dry heaved into my sleep that night - I literally woke up at 2 am, dry heaving and thinking about real trout.  Julia Child, forgive me.  GUH - ross.

Suffice to say, we had magnificent hushpuppies and frozen french fries for dinner that night. 

By the way - I need to make one redeeming note here.  I'm actually a decent cook.  I've made a lot of successful meals that I haven't written about - just sayin.'    :)

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  1. Next time call me and I'll come help you as long as I get the tail and fins!