Sunday, May 15, 2011

Summer is coming...

6.                  Participate in a 5K/10K… and a 1/2 marathon.

Wow, I'm so behind during this month of May-hem that I haven't even hardly posted on April yet.  Late in April I participated with my friend Lisa in the Girls on the Run 5K.  It was really fun.  Except for the part that I looked like a pale ghost pig and Lisa looked tanned and stunningly gorgeous as usual.  I can't stand with her in pictures any more, even though I absolutely love her.  :)

7.                  Lose 10—15 lbs.  Again. 

Can you hear me screaming from here?  I am a great mystery.  I exercise 3-6 times a week, I'm very active, I count my calories, and... ta dah - I've gained weight.  My surgeon says it is because I am about to turn 40.  My wellness consultants think 1) I'm not getting enough sleep and 2) I am not eating ENOUGH.  I think the whole thing is insane.  Makes me want to lay down and eat bon bons and see what happens, but that is way to scary seeing as how all this effort is going in the wrong direction.  Oh well.  I guess the bottom line is just to love yourself, and keep on keeping on.  And you know what, I do.  I have some great assests.  No pun intended.

8.                  Earn a bikini.

On that note, I so wish I could report that I was bikini ready for the summer, but that seems to be increasingly not the plan.  ;)  For one thing, I was at a recent poolside party for a friend, and realized pretty much all my friends are wearing cute, yet age appropriate (read Mom) swimsuits.  And this is not a bad thing.  I am a mom, and as my friend Alison says, "no one wants to see all that at the pool."  My friend Elizabeth gave her nanny money to buy a "family friendly" swimsuit before taking her kids to the pool this summer.  Love it.  Even the PYTs are relegated to wearing something appropriate.  AND - there is nothing like people watching around any pool to realize that honestly, the percentage of people who truly look good in a swimsuit is in about the 1% range, and even most of those are airbrushed.  So, I'll take this off the list of wants for this year.  I'm good.  And I really like my swimsuit.  :) 

Happy almost summer!

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