Monday, April 11, 2011

March Miles

16.                  Exercise for a total of 500 miles.

The miles from my half marathon came in handy this month.  It looks like I put in around 50 miles in March, which took me metaphorically from Bowling Green, Kentucky to, well... somewhere between Upton and Sonora, Kentucky.  I don't know anything about either one of these towns, but that is where I am for now.  Looks like I have MANY more miles on good old I-65 before I get to Anneliese.  But - let's put this in perspective at this point.

My goal is 500 miles - but the total trip to Anneliese is 741.  That leaves me with 382.6 miles to go to reach her.  BUT - with the 500 goal in mind, I've already put in a whopping total of 358.4 miles since I started in the fall!  That gives me "just" 141.6 miles left to meet my 13x40 goal.  Go me!

So, there is the March update - a few weeks late.  And for now - I gotta go walk!

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