Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay - I want to start today with a word for all my sweet friends who have expressed concern over my health or sanity since reading my blog.  Several people have worried that I am making too many goals, not thinking about rest, or have set unrealistic expectations. 

So, let's clear that up now.

This list is totally for fun.  It is just some things I'd "like" to do.  I may do other amazing things!  (Gosh, I hope!)  Others on the list just might not happen.  I'm guessing several are more likely than others to fall off the list for different reasons.

So - right up front - thanks to everyone for the love.  I'm just being thoughtful with myself, not a terrible taskmaster - that would definitely defeat the more spiritual purpose of this year! 

Having said that, let's go back to the list.

16. Exercise for a total of 500 miles.

This means anything I do as a workout will count toward mileage if that is a natural part of the exercise.  In other words, if I do yoga, I'm not going to even attempt to convert that to miles.  Just using items on this like walking, running, an elliptical (which I totally stink at doing), or something similar.

Well, my goal, as you can tell is 500 miles.  As in, "I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more, just to be the (wo)man who walked 1000 miles and fall down at your door."  I think I should also have a figurative door to fall down near.  So, I picked my friend Anneliese.  I'm going to try to get to her house metaphorically this year.  She lives in Chicago, and according to Rand McNally, I really need to pull closer to 741 miles.  (Maybe Anneliese can walk 241 miles to metaphorically meet me?)  Let's just see how far I go.

So, I find myself today and the almost end of August and it seemed a good time to count up my miles for the month.  I'm really excited - I've put in FORTY ONE miles this month!!!  I can't believe it.  Which, interestingly, puts me on the road following directions to Anneliese - just about in Kingston, GA.  This is where my mom and dad live, so I'm waving at her right now and metaphorically visiting.  :)  After all, it took me a month to get there!

Wish me luck as I head closer to Anneliese every day.  I'll keep you posted again at the end of September on my mileage.


  1. Love, love, love this goal! I rode 30 minutes today...I think that was about 7 miles. (Next time I'll pay more attention to all the display numbers on my bike.) So I only have 234 miles left to meet you....where would that point be? Maybe we should really go there ! But you know you can come here anytime !! Miss you.

  2. Great idea on the bike - I might could pick up more miles with wheels than with my feet only! You keep up with yours and I'll keep up with mine. Hope to *really* see you before this year is over! But I love metaphorically seeing you too!