Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eye Opener

24. Drive with full attention.

I am already behind on this one.  I had a very eye opening event yesterday that reminded me of my 13x40 list - #24.  Drive with full attention.

I took Bailey along with me to drop off an item to a friend's mailbox.  We came back out of her street and I stopped at the red light, ready to turn left.  I paused and waited, then made my turn.  When I was about 3/4 the way through the turn, I hear horns and tires to my left - in the lane that I just crossed to make my turn.  I tried to turn back but was at an odd angle - I couldn't see what happened or why they were horn blowing.  But, I did notice that the light that was not mine, the light they were in - was green.  I also noticed someone was where I had just been, at a red light.

Then it hit me - did I just totally run a light?  Had it not turned green?  Honestly, this light isn't that long - so it could have changed quickly.  But I was terrified to think I had *maybe* blindly pulled across 2 lanes of traffic trusting a light I thought had changed.  I'm embarrased to admit it - but they *might* have been blowing at me.  I know I stopped.  I know the light was red.  And I'm pretty sure it turned green.  But there was that tiny, doubting moment of which I am not sure.  And that, my friends, is scary.  Because I was not on my phone, not impaired in any way, have a great driving history - just *maybe* not paying full attention for that one moment.  And that is enough to have an accident.

So, I'm reminded of my Big List for the year.  I'm going to focus on driving with my full attention.

As I said, I wasn't using my phone, but there has been a big push lately about not being distracted by a phone call or texting while driving.  In fact, my home state of Georgia, just passed a law on the matter, which can be found here:  Also, Oprah has made this a personal mission - information can be found here:

Think about signing the No Phone Zone pledge.  But whether you do or don't, PAY ATTENTION.  I know I was lucky to just have an eye opener... and not an "eye closer."

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