Thursday, March 24, 2011

Party Planning

34.  Plan a big 40th celebration!

Okay, I've picked a day - but that is about it.  If anyone has ideas on place or theme, let me know!  I have several ideas in  mind, but just can't settle on what we want yet.  So...  I'd love to hear what others think would be a good idea!  Casual at home with a taco bar?  Blow it out fancy at a gallery in Hotlanta?  Forget playing host/ess and travel instead?  So many choices, so little time.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?


  1. Well, I guess I can't know what you'd prefer... BUT, I am headed to Mexico in 1 week to celebrate/deny 40 years with my bestest friend of the past 30+ years. Her birthday is in April, mine in October, and her 38-yr-old sister is also along for the ride, but we told her she could only come if she said she was also 40. So I'm sure I'll want to celebrate a bit in the fall with Doug and then kids, I don't think I really want to party with everyone I know. Of course, that is always subject to change! I still have 6+ months to decide! :). I would just say to you, make it what would be fun and not work for you. It's your day. If hostessing is fun and energizing, maybe that's a great idea. If it sounds draining, but you still want a party, tell someone else what you and and put them in charge. Just enjoy it! Xoxoxo

  2. Do what you love! David planned me a party. I did go to a silent auction that was a Hollywood theme and it was FUN! For my 50th...I'm headed to Mexico like octobergirl!