Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Appointments - check!

29.  Have a physical.

Okay - my appointment finally came.  I had my physical yesterday and my doctor seemed almost bored.  What a gift!!!  I am waiting for blood test results, but so far it seems I am boringly normal, which is my very favorite way to be at the doctor's office.  The only scary part as it turns out was having blood drawn, but the nurse was excellent and did a nice job.  I can't tell you how grateful I feel that I appear to be healthy.  I know what a blessing that is.  I also marked last week the one year mark after major surgery - so I especially am thankful to *not* feel like I did this time last year.

After Appt. #1 for the physical, I drove over to my dentist and my friend Kathy - who is also a skilled and kind dental hygienist - cleaned my teeth.  Hooray!  My dentist also thought I was boringly normal.

After Appt. #2, I headed to my dermatologist for a prescribed facial, which is not nearly as much fun as it might sound. 

And after three appointments of my own in less than 5 hours, I also took my daughter for an orthodontic check up.  Then today, 24 hours later, I headed to my acupuncturist, who is helping me deal with some post-surgery no fun stuff.

So, check, check, check, kid check, and check.  For all the anxiety and heart racing, I am glad I took care of these important things.  I am celebrating my Boring Normality today with enthusiasm - and celebrating that yesterday is OVER!

6.                  Participate in a 5K/10K… and a 1/2 marathon.

I also walked the Girls on the Run 5K (+ 2 miles or so back and forth to our car) on Sunday with my daughter.  I didn't love the location of the run, but I do think this is a great organization.  Bailey and I had fun and I think it inspired her to see her Morris Brandon school friends who were on the GOTR team with their very creative Bee Bows, all ready to run!  We were also excited to see our friends from West Stride there - I do believe they will be hosting the spring GOTR Run if you want to join in for the next one.  Thanks Genie for taking our photo at the booth!

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