Monday, February 14, 2011

Redefining Romance

16.                  Do something incredibly romantic.

Okay, it is Valentine's Day, and it seems like the perfect time to plan something romantic.  Only, I have to say, this is about the 5th time this year I have worked on planning something romantic, and turns out I'm not doing too well.  Despite several good college tries, I can't say I've succeeded yet.  Several things have "gotten in the way" of well laid or well intentioned plans. 

Any ideas?

Or, is this just par for the course for the almost-40s-with-young-kids-set? With work, busy schedules, babysitters, and being tired - where is there room for something incredibly romantic?

Maybe the fact that I'm having to plan it just says something in itself.  Should romance be more spontaneous?  I'm not a spontaneous person, so I'm pretty much ruling that out. 

Or, maybe I just need to redefine romance.  When my husband cleans the kitchen, which, being a restaurant man, he is very good at - that is romantic.  Also, he is the best with a vacuum.  And mopping.  I know I'm lucky.  

Or, maybe all those excuses are just a cop out.  

The fact is - I woke up everyone today with a little note of love and some candy.  I made lunch sandwiches out of mini heart cookie cutters for my kids.  I bought a Groupon for my husband that I'm really excited about - thanks Groupon!  I also am planning an at home and fancy/fun dinner for all of us.

Fact is - John and I are going out of town this week for business with Chick-fil-A, for which I am so grateful.  We get this awesome opportunity every year to get away, thanks to Chick-fil-A, and also thanks to my mom, who is both willing and able to keep our kids.  We are also going out a few days early to have some time together and with friends.  I think that all sounds more romantic than today, just because it is a random Monday and Valentines Day.  

At any rate, I'm still working on it and still feeling hopeful.  Send me thoughts and ideas.

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