Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Much Needed Break

3.                  Have a massage.

How lucky am I?  My sweet friend Alison asked me and our friend Lisa to have an overnight at her cabin near Blue Ridge over the weekend.  The timing was perfect - we were out and back home before any of this Atlanta snow hit!  While we were there, we all treated ourselves to a massage at a spa called Serenity in the Mountains.  http://www.serenityinthemountains.com/spa/  I had my favorite - the Hot Stone massage.  I rarely have the pleasure of a massage, so when the opportunity arises, I'll opt for hot stones every time. 

21.                  Say YES.  But only to what is right to say YES to…
25.                  Spend time with people I love.

This weekend out of town was also a qualifier for #21 and #25.   With busy schedules, it is easy to just go from one thing to another and never do what really matters.  I have been concentrating on this so much since October, and making very conscious efforts to not just say yes all the time.  It is hard, not because I feel obligated anymore, but because there are just so many good things to say yes to these days!  I am finding instead that leaving room allows for the most thrilling of things - peace and quiet. 
We loved our time in Blue Ridge.  We all commented on how good it is for our kids for us to leave sometimes too - they all loved spending time with dads all on their own.  We are fortunate to have great husbands too!
We also spent a lot of time talking about shallow relationships where people invest in you only if they see you as a leg up to someplace else for themselves.  It is so very sad.  I see people like this all the time, and one day they are going to wake up to the fact that they have missed out on some wonderful relationships. 
I'm grateful for Alison and Lisa!  I feel so lucky to have so many special friends in my life - real people who like me just as I am.  How blessed I am!

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