Monday, December 6, 2010

Movie & Popcorn, Round 1

13.  Go to a few movies all by myself. 

The kids were at my mom's, the husband was at work, and I decided to do #13 - check out a movie just by myself.  I have to say, it felt rather indulgent.  I went to my favorite theater (AMC Parkway Pointe, found that you can actually get a small popcorn and drink in a combo for what is cheaper than paying separately (apparently you have to say the magic words "I want a combo" rather than "Small Popcorn and Drink" - go fig), and went to see "Morning Glory." 

Morning Glory

It was a cute film, and a good one for me to see alone.  Reminded me a lot of my college days as a Broadcasting/Speech major.  My only real complaint is that it is hard for me to see Harrison Ford playing the grumpy old man role.  Anyway, light and a little inspiring, it was a great first "movie to myself."

By the way, all of you need to sign up for AMC Movie Watcher Rewards.  So many of those little card punch thingys end up just being junk in my purse, but I can't say enough good things about this one.  It takes a little effort to get it and set it up, but I love the benefits.  If you order movie tickets online in advance, you don't pay a convenience charge as a member (about a buck extra a ticket usually).  I always get a coupon or two or three when I buy tickets too - and while sometimes these are useless, like "50 cents off a sour patch kid" - I also sometimes get free tickets (you earn these as you go)!  This time I somehow got a "Night at the Movies" pass which includes a ticket, popcorn, and a drink.  I can even skip my "I want a combo" lesson!  Hooray!  Apparently they also take expired coupons, which I did not know - been throwing the old ones away - but no more!

AMC is also doing some great holiday promos.  Check those out!

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